My name is Ẹniafẹ Isis Adewale. In a line I would say that I am a woman breaking into herself. The words here are both evidence of this breaking, and also mending, and finding my way. The title for this digital space is inspired by writer and poet Nayyirah Waheed. She writes:

"pick a word like you pick a melon. examine its skin. its weight. its viscosity. its sound. its texture. its ability to be juice and meat." — Nayyirah Waheed

Words, As Fruit. is a harvesting of waits, and weights, texture, by way of lessons, loss, and life experience. And the juice, and meat is by way of all the perspectives this journey has afforded me thus far.

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a harvesting of words, thoughts, and healings, from writer ẹniafẹ isis.


ẹniafẹ isis

a woman breaking into herself.